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Farm Wars 2


Here is Farm Wars 2:

Secret Weapon:

Chapter 1: Thomas Skywalker:

As you know Squeaky is now a master. She’s the master of Thomas Skywalker. They are in space to save Jupiter from the evils of General George. Chicken Clones were distracting the evil ships while Master Squeaky and Thomas Skywalker destroys them. Thomas Skywalker crashed into General George’s battleship right in front of Darth Violet (From episode 1.) They got out their lightsabers and were fighting. Thomas Skywalker lost his lightsaber. With his technology force, he squashed Darth Violet with a battle pod. (Technology force is a power the goodies have and it controls things to move.) He escaped. He got out in time. The others were leaving. They were still outnumbered by 567.

Chapter 2: Squeaky and Commander Charlotte vs General George:

Master Squeaky was walking to the fortress. Halfway there General George stopped her. Squeaky got her lightsaber quickly. General George got his 6 lightsabers. (He had 4 hidden robotic arms under his cape.) Then Commander Charlotte jumped down from her battleship to help. Then the 3 were fighting and then General George killed Commander Charlotte. Then Thomas Skywalker jumped down from his pod leaving Ger T 13 to control the ship herself. Thomas cut of the Generals robotic arms. George wanted the goodies secret weapon to win. They weren’t going to give him the secret weapon.

Chapter 3: The Secret Weapon:

Master Sqeaky and Thomas Skywalker got to George’s battleship. They broke though the droids. Thomas was first to run into General George they fought and fought. Master Squeaky got to Thomas to see Thomas Skywalker had killed General George. When they escaped the burning and crashing ship, Squeaky realised that Thomas Skywalker was the Secret Weapon. So with him, the galaxy can be safe.

The end.


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Farm Wars


Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig adventures are over. Lets now go to the year 4500 AD, the time of space war ships, super blasters and lightsabers! Lets begin:

Episode 1: The invation of Mars

Chapter 1: Droid Army.

In the Pig Star Destroyer, pig droids, the creation of Darth Violet, a pink double-sided lightsaber owner, the first villain to create droids, is planning to invade Mars. Our heroes, Master Porker and Squeaky Skywalker are breaking into Darth Violets lair. They had a robot to open special doors with special codes: Ger T 35. They got in with a suprise. Pig Droids destroyed their ship. They got their lightsabers and were blocking blaster bolts to hit the droids with their own bolts. Ger T 35 opened a door and they saw….. Darth Violet! They all were fighting until Darth Violet used her force to blow them away. She escaped in her Super-Ship. Master Porker and Squeaky Skywalker and Ger T 35 went on a ship invading Mars.

Chapter 2: Sarja Fardel

30 hours later, they were on Mars. They wore special clothes to stay warm. They jumped out of the ship. They destroyed everything they could. Then they saw a Martian putting his bogers on a flower. A droid was about to kill him. Squeaky Skywalker destroyed it. Master Porker saw it was his friend Sarja Fardel. He was a high jumper. He jumped to activate high levers. Then we saw Darth Violet. They were fighting and fighting. Then Sarja Fardel tripped Darth Violet up. She escaped and entered her ship. She escaped.

Chapter 3: The Last Battle.

Darth Violet’s ship was destroyed. She ran to a dead end. They fought and fought and fought and more ‘foughts’ till it could hit Mars and back to me. Then by suprise, Sarja Fardel got Darth Violet to lose her lightsaber. So she was beaten by our heroes. Now Squeaky Skywalker is a master. So she is called Master Squeaky. Still we have more adventures.

The end.

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Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig Part 4


Though part 3 was sopposed to end the adventures, I thought to continue it. Hope you like it:

It was 9.00 P.M. At Chicken House Prison, The Geese Twins, Half-Demon Goat, Goat of Riddles, Scare Crow, Joke Goat and Ace of Spades has escaped with new villains: Anonymous AKA: Killer Cat is a secret acclomplished burgler. With the agility of lightning, she moves silently across rooftops with her motorcycle. District Security Leader Thomas the Rooster AKA: Sonic Rooster is the speedy Rooster of sound. He runs the speed of sound and uses sonic that can even break metal! So the Security needed to use special bars for him. Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig cameĀ  to stop them. Bat-Pig got her hang-glider. She found the Goat of Riddles and Scare Crow. In the water, Spider-Pig found Joke Goat and Ace of Spades. I found Half-Demon Goat and the Geese Twins on land. In the air, Bat-Pig was surronded and almost hit by Sonic Rooster. Bat-Pig got Sonic Rooster to hit Scare Crow. Scare Crow was affected by his own Fear Toxin. He got scared in prison, taking Goat of Riddles in. In the water, Spider-Pig was escaping from the Joke Goat and Ace of Spades. He surprised Ace of Spades in prison. On land, I got the Geese Twins caught. The Half-Demon Goat got the Geese twins back. But I slipped Killer Cat into prison with the Half-Demon Goat. The Geese Twins escaped. In the water, Joke Goat escaped. In the air, Goat of Riddles escaped. We planned a trap on them. We got jewels and food in the middle of Commisoner Charlotte’s net. (Commisoner George retired over a hurt wing.) It worked! They were collecting the jewels and food. Charlotte signaled the rope pullers to pull. We trapped them! They went to prison. Like how villains should be.

The city is now saved, for now.

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The Adventures of Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig Part 3


Here is the next adventure of Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig:

Now the Goat of Riddles is in Prison, but there is still villains out.

The Alert Light was on. Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig came. Commisoner George gave 3 idenity cards: The Ace of Spades, a scary crow, and the Joker. (The Joker and Ace of Spades are playing cards.) We typed the data in the Pig-Computer. The crooks are: The Ace of Spades, Scare Crow, and the Joke Goat. The Ace of Spades AKA: Victoria got revenge on her sister Gertie because she wanted to be mayor and lost the votes by 10 against Gertie, giving Gertie the place for mayor. The Ace of Spades is a madenned crook with the acrobatic ability. Scare Crow AKA: Unknown, was a crow tired on straw people tp keep him out. He uses Fear Toxin to stimulate the phobias of his victims. He uses his Jet to spread the Fear Toxin quicker. The Joke Goat AKA Kim the Goat, was a cheater in Poker and was thrown out of the Poker Club in Dog Town and stole their Joker card. She uses Laugh Poison to weaken the enemies with ha’s and uses Super-Lasery Machine Guns to kill the laughers.

Then the Alert Light shone. They were about to steal the statelite dish in Bathtub river. (I invented it so we could use boats to carry valuable stuff and building materials down the river and to get water for the whole city without using the hose.) From Deep Puddle Sea, Spider-Pig got his submarine in the water and Bat-Pig got her speed boat in the water. Of they zoomed. I got my motorbike and my pistol to help them at their weakest. On the Joke Goat Boat, EEKKK! They had the statelite dish! And was escaping. Bat-Pig shot the Joke Goat Boat’s motor. Spider-Pig got them to crash! They escaped on the Ace of Spades Monster Truck. I helped Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig get the villains into a dead end.

The Ace of Spades fliped out to fight. Spider-Pig, Bat-Pig and I ran after her with our weapons and………………. what? She was escaping us by fliping and rolling!!!! She was to fast for us! I shot the Ace of Spades leg. Got her! But the others escaped! Foiled!

That night, I was spying on the villains. They were using the statelite dish, powered by the jewels, to control the Joke Bots! They would take over the city! I mistakenly kicked a can. Oh no! Iwas seen! I ran but tripped. And I didn’t have my pistol! I was captured! Luckily, Commisoner George saw me being kidnapped and set of the Alert Light. Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig came to save me before you could say “Hope my heroes come to save me soon.” That was good too! Scare Crow was going to use his Fear Toxin on me! Then Spider-Pig got Scare Crow. Bat-Pigg took of Scare Crow’s mask. Scare Crow’s real idenity was Doctor Kirkson Crow. He uses Fear Toxin on prisoners and straw scarecrows. Bat_pig got Joke Goat.

Now for once, the city is saved, thanks to our heroes: Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig. But there is a chance that there will be new villains or another breakout. That’s when you count on: Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig!

The end……

(P.S: I don’t really have a pistol or motorbike. It was to make the story more fun.)

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Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig Part 2


Here is the next adventure of Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig.

The Geese Twins are now in Chickenhouse Prison. Still we have villians out.

There was a robbery of Mayor Gertie’s jewels. Bat-Pig and Spider-Pig came to see clues. I saw an idenity card. It said he owned a truck and bi-plane. And it had a mark: A question mark. Weird! A box of LEGO bricks. As you know, LEGO builds stuff. Like he left us a CLUE! We typed in the data. The villian is Jack the Goat. AKA: Goat of Riddles. He uses mind technology hidden in his question mark-shaped cane. He must have controlled the guard! How smart! His athletic build gives him the ability to get over high fences and to run up to 30MPH. Fast! We must stop him, and fast!

There was the Alert Light! Bat-Pig got her hang-glider. Spider-Pig got his motorcycle. I got some chicken cops led by Commisoner George. He said for all air and roads to be secured. Helicopters, vans, trucks and cars were everywhere! In the air, Bat-Pig found the Goat of Riddles in his Riddle Bi-Plane. Bat-Pig called Spider-Pig. Spider-Pig found the Riddle Goons in the Riddle Truck and was fighting them. But they all had cops to help.

BING! BOOM! CRASH! The Riddle Bi-Plane broke and crashed. But he landed on the Riddle Truck. He threw a clue. I caught it. I saw the Super Laser in the back of the Riddle Truck.

We wrote the data. The clues built Farm City. The Goat of Riddles is going to destroy Farm City! I had a plan! The Freeze Cannon can freeze the Super Laser!

We saw Goat of Riddles coming at us. I shot the Freeze Cannon. I freezed the Super Laser. AND……. Goat of Riddles too! Well not all of him.

Farm City still isn’t is still not saved. We still have to stop more villians, and get a warm cell for Goat of Riddles.

To be continued………

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The Adventures of Spider-Pig


Here is the story of ‘The Adventures of Spider-Pig.’ P.S: It’s pretend. Starring: Peter Porker, our new pig, and Squeaky, our piglet.

It was 6 P.M at Farm City. At Food Barrel Bank. The Geese Twins, the smartest food thieves in the farm, were gonna rob from the bread barrel. Only my family and I had the key. The Geese Twins got out their Geese Gadgets. I was going to the Food Bank to feed the citizens. I saw the Geese Twins and ran to the Alert Light and lit it. Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig ran to the Pigcomputer. It told them where to go and who to stop. Meanwhile Commisoner George the Rooster was distracting the Geese Twins until Spider-Pig and Bat-Pig came. While Pebbles were trying to shoot the cops dead Bambam was using his Geese-o-Bomber to blow the gates. I came for reinforcements with Sleeping Bombs I got one near Pebbles and…. Oops! I forgot to fill it with Sleeping Spray. I still had Bird-O-Gone Spray. I must be careful not to poison the Chicken Cops. But Pebbles blew up my bombs. But then, there was Bat-Pig gliding! And then there was Spider-Pig swinging by webs. Just in time! Spider-Pig used Web Ball. An almost hit! Bat-Pig used Bat Stick. A hit on the neck for Pebbles. Pebbles used Fire Spray. All the cops were like roast chicken with burnt feathers! I used my Water Blaster. Soaked up Pebbles. Suprisingly, the Half-Demon Goat came in his Half-Demon Armoured Truck. He beeped for a distraction. We all turned to him and got fooled. Bambam came with a quarter-barrel amount of bread. Oh no! They escaped! Off to their lair: The Abandoned Mud Hole.

The next morning, Mayor Goat Gertie called a meeting. They needed to stop them or they’ll starve when my family run out of money!

I got a plan! Demons are allergic to salt! So we all put salt around the Farm Food bank so he could gag and crash! There was a secret lever which was a statue. We could get in the bank before they could and push the lever suprisingly!

Spider-Pig and the cops were for distractions so Bat-Pig and I could get in the bank before the Geese Twins. That night, at 6 P.M, they came. The Half-Demon Goat gagged by the salt and crashed in a gorse bush. So the Geese Twins jumped out. The cops and Spider-Pig distracted them while Bat-Pig and I got in. The Geese Twins got in too early for plans. Then Bat-Pig and I ate a super-speed biscuit and we zoomed to the lever. The Geese twins got their guns but then we opened the trapdoor. They were captured at last.

Though they may have won, there are still villians in Farm City. Can Spider-Pig and his sidekick Bat-Pig stop them???

To be continued…….

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My Quiz


Here is a quiz of Greek gods:

What was the name of the god that tried to eat his sons? A: Cronos B: Zeus C: Hades.

Who was the top god? A: Hades B: Zeus C: Poesideon.

Who lived in the Underworld? A: Hades B: Poesideon C: Anonymous.

Poesideon was the god of what? A: Water B: Animals C: Fires.

Good luck!

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My Homeschooling Day


As you know, I homeschool.

Here is my homeschooling day:

First, I did speech.

Then I did spelling. I’m am now up to Step 17 and doing 13-14 year olds spelling.

Then, I did maths.

Then, we did gymnastics.

It was fun.

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My weekend


I am sorry that I haven’t written. I didn’t feel like blogging.

So here is my weekend:


We went to the market for pig food. Teen Shamrock came to stay the night.


No one went to church. We watched TV.

I had fun.

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My day


Here is the story of my day:

Celtic Dingo forced me to use my Ipod!

Father forgot to give me my bye kiss.

I played fetch with Tessa, but the ball went under the stove.

A friend came over on all of the a.m.

We had another friend over.

It was fun.

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